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Seinde Signature began as just a beautiful space where fragrance lover could come and have a wonderful perfume experience without purchase but soon clients began to have an increased need for Mr. Seinde’s expertise in purchasing a fragrance they could go home with and this brought about the creation  of Salon de Parfum.

Salon de parfum has exclusively niche fragrances for sale. Niche fragrances are scents specially designed by talented perfumers with rare and natural materials often in limited quantities. This extension of Seinde Signature possesses the rarest set of exclusive fragrances in Nigeria. Mr. Seinde, being an experienced and well learned perfume collector now satisfies his passion and love for fragrances by choosing only the best for his clients.

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meet our team

Mr. Seinde, MD

After growing his perfume collection for over 40 years, certified fragrance influencer, Mr. Seinde saw a gap in the Nigerian perfume industry for unique and exclusive fragrances. Now with the creation of Seinde Signature and Salon de Parfum Nigerians have access to a whole new level of the High Art of Perfumery.

Ify, Business Development Manager

Mrs. Ify has over 10 years of experience in the perfume industry and has worked with many in various positions within the industry before finding her home in the business of niche and luxury fragrances.

Oreoluwa, Brand Manager

Daughter of Mr. Seinde, Oreoluwa was born into the world of fragrance and is currently working with her team to build the luxury brand media and portfolio.